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Why us?


We provide expert guides for a safe safari in Uganda and other safari destinations.

tailored packages

we provide Tailored itineraries for a unique and fulfilling journey 


conservation commitment

We stand for ethical and sustainable safaris, conserving wildlife, supporting communities for a meaningful travel experience.


3 day gorilla trekking safari

 from $ 1,499(USD) per person

10 day primates & big five uganda safari

from  $ 3,499 (USD) per person

4 day masai mara safari

from $ 999(USD)  per person

10+ day honeymoon safari

from $3,899(USD) per person

14 day luxury east africa honeymoon safari

from $7,899(USD)  per person

7 day luxury uganda safari

from $5,999(USD) 

Easter special safari deals

4 day Zanzibar trip this Easter holidays offered by Tanzi safaris Uganda
4 day zanzibar easter trip

from $ 1,999 per person

Uganda Easter safari packages
Uganda easter holidays safari special 2024

from $ 500 per person

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What Wildlife Can I Expect to See?

  • Answer: Explore Africa’s diverse ecosystems, encountering iconic species like elephants, lions, leopard, giraffes, cheetahs, hippos, rare birds and more.

How Safe Are Your Safari Adventures?

  • Answer: Our priority is your safety. Our expert guides and comprehensive safety measures ensure a secure experience.

Can You Customize Itineraries for Specific Interests?

  • Answer: Absolutely! We tailor each safari to your preferences, whether it’s luxury, family-friendly, or a romantic getaway.

What Conservation Initiatives Do You Support?

  • Answer: We are committed to ethical tourism, actively contributing to wildlife conservation and supporting local communities.

What Sets Your Company Apart from Others?

  • Answer: Our extensive local knowledge, experienced guides, and strong partnerships ensure an exclusive and seamless safari at competitive rates.

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