About us

"We are tanzi safaris uganda, a true friend to creating timeless memories

Whether seeking luxury, romantic escapes, or family adventure, we specialise in crafting memorable safaris for everyone. Leveraging comprehensive travel knowledge, extensive experience, and strong partnerships in Uganda and around the world, we deliver authentic, exclusive, safe, and seamless journeys at competitive rates. Your unforgettable adventure begins with us.”

Why us?

Expert Guides

We provide  expert guides for a safe journey.

Tailored Packages

We provide Tailored itineraries for a unique and fulfilling journey 

Conservation commitment

we stand for Ethical and Sustainable safaris, conserving wildlife, supporting communities for a meaningful travel experience.

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  • What Wildlife Can I Expect to See?
  • Answer: Explore Uganda’s diverse ecosystems, encountering iconic species like elephants, lions, leopard, giraffes, cheetahs, hippos, rare birds and more.

  • How Safe Are Your Safari Adventures?
  • Answer: Our priority is your safety. Our expert guides and comprehensive safety measures ensure a secure experience.

  • Can You Customize Itineraries for Specific Interests?
  • Answer: Absolutely! We tailor each safari to your preferences, whether it’s luxury, family-friendly, or a romantic getaway.

  • What Conservation Initiatives Do You Support?
  • Answer: We are committed to ethical tourism, actively contributing to wildlife conservation and supporting local communities.

  • What Sets Your Company Apart from Others?
  • Answer: Our extensive local knowledge, experienced guides, and strong partnerships ensure an exclusive and seamless safari at competitive rates.